100 Rejections

It’s 2017. This year, I am courting rejection. 100 rejections to be exact. Join me as I tally up the cumulative number of poems, stories, essays and residency applications I submit this year. Then cheer me on as I watch the number of rejections rise to 100.

As the rejection tracker below shows, as of May 1st, I had made 29 submissions and received 11 rejections. (The first was a real beauty.) Time to get to work. I still have 89 rejections to collect before I reach my goal.

rejection tracker - May 1, 2017


If you are a writer, please join me in this ridiculous task. We can commiserate together. Misery, as you know, loves company and we are in fine company. Check out the links below to learn why so many writers (and other creative types) are courting failure.

Tell me: Are you courting rejection in 2017?

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