I love this post by Intersecting Terry. Do you love words, too? What’s your favourite? Here are a few of mine: serendipity, heartfelt and verdant.

Intersecting Terry

Minutiae.  Don’t you love how the word sounds coming off your tongue? Say it out loud,  mi-nyoo-she-aye. 

I love words. I don’t know why, I wasn’t a bookish kid. Perhaps it came from feelings of not being heard when I was younger, of being misunderstood.  I used to yell a lot.  I was the queen of the temper tantrum as a child. Now I tend to use words, rather than volume, to make my voice heard. (Admittedly, I can be just an annoying to argue with, but at least I’m quieter.)

I’m no poet, but I love those who are.  I love wordplay. I love wit, I love the rhythm and articulation of words.  And I love the power of words.


I don’t use words to sound smart — and if I do, I’m found out because it will come off sounding as pretentious as it is.  I use words…

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