Reading New Boy? Check out the soundtrack.

New Boy, the soundtrack: Let Roberta Flack, The Jackson Five and Three Dog Night transport you to 1974. Tracy Chevalier, author of nine brilliant novels, has created a soulful playlist to accompany New Boy, a retelling of Shakespeare’s Othello. Check out other playlists, including one for Chevalier's novel At the end of the Orchard.

Must-read books (from the TED Blog)

TED2017 begins on Monday in Vancouver, Canada, and will explore the theme “The Future You.” If the future you is anything like the future us, you are likely curled up in a big cushy chair right now, devouring the contents of a book that flips your thinking. Below, some reading suggestions from the speaker program.…Read more Must-read books (from the TED Blog)

Just in time for Valentine’s Day

Who says Canadians aren't romantic? CBC Radio has released Northern Love, an epic list of Canadian love songs that will prove those naysayers wrong. From mainstream classics sung by the likes of Joni Mitchell, Sarah McLachlan and Leonard Cohen to alt rock hits penned by superstars like Ron Sexsmith, Daniel Lanois and The Weakerthans, this…Read more Just in time for Valentine’s Day

Rejection & revelation: Must-read essay on Brevity blog

By L. Roger Owens John, author of the Bible’s book of Revelation—his apocalypse occurred on the island of Patmos. Mine began in a shopping plaza parking lot two days before Christmas. I’d just dropped my wife off at the grocery store to buy the final foodstuffs for Christmas Eve dinner, along with everyone else, judging […]…Read more Rejection & revelation: Must-read essay on Brevity blog