I love listening to people name their desert island picks, discovering new music to listen to or new books to read; hearing the stories about where someone was when they first stumbled upon the author or book that would forever change the way they viewed the world; or, if the person in question is a writer, what songs play in the background when they write.

On this page, I link to playlists created by some of my favourite writers. Check back often as I update it regularly. (And, please, don’t hesitate to leave suggestions in the comments field.)

  • Sarah Selecky, author of Radiant Shimmering Light (HarperCollins Publishers) and creator of the Sarah Selecky Writing School shares her personal Writing Time playlist on Spotify.
  • New BoyLet Roberta Flack, The Jackson Five and Three Dog Night transport you to 1974. Tracy Chevalier, author of nine brilliant novels, has created a soulful playlist to accompany New Boy, a retelling of Shakespeare’s Othello.
  • At the Edge of the Orchard: Death Cab for Cutie, Iron and Wine, Gillian Welch and The Lumineers: this playlist is ripe with moody Americana harvested by Chevalier to complement her 2016 novel, which is set in the stagnant swamps of northwest Ohio circa 1838.
  • Got writer’s block? Lin-Manuel Miranda of Hamilton fame has a cure for that. Check out his gift to writers everywhere: the Write Your Way Out playlist. From “Oxford Comma” to “Wrote My Way Out”, it’s literary inspiration on demand.

Want to hear more? Check out my mixed tapes.

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