Mixed Tapes

I was born in the 70s. K-Tel Records–As Seen on TV–provided the soundtrack for my early years. Growing up, I wanted to be the person who produced those classic collections. Who could forget Heino? What about A Broken Heart for Every Guitar in Nashville or Certified Gold?

I never got close to the hallowed halls of K-Tel Records but I did make awesome mixed tapes for my friends. I even hosted late-night community radio shows throughout my twenties. But wait, there’s more! In my thirties, I led the marketing and publicity campaigns for music festivals and conferences, pitching stories about hundreds of artists, including Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Neko Case, K’Naan and Tegan & Sara.

And the fun isn’t over, my friends. Now, thanks to music streaming services, I can create playlists to share with the masses…or, at least, keep me focused while I toil away at my laptop.

Soul Matters



Letting Go


Creation: Bringing things into being

Read this blog post to find out why I chose the songs in the first six playlists.



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