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Ratio of rejection to acceptance: 21 to 3

Big news! Half-way through the year, I finally have some successes to report. The stack of books beside my bed includes two books that I have been tapped to review for The International Gay & Lesbian Review. And, Room, one of my favourite literary journals,…

For those who have been rejected

The writer’s life is full of rejection, and rejection hurts. Even when you court it. Today, after logging the 10th rejection letter of 2017, I am taking comfort in the words of Saul Bellow.

First Book Publication: Keep at it and you will succeed —— guest blog post by Erica Goss

I found this blog post by Erica Goss on Trish Hopkinson’s blog, A Selfish Poet. It reminded me why I decided to court rejection in 2017.  Night Court, a poetry collection by Erica Goss, is the winner of the 2016 Lyrebird Award from Glass…

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