Sift. Shift. Lift.

Sift. Shift. Lift. introduces clever, curious, compassionate folx to academics, artists and activists digging up forgotten or little-known histories, and bringing them into the light.

The motivation behind Sift. Shift. Lift. is simple: to engage your head, your heart, and your hands in the struggle, one wicked problem at a time.

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The Monthly Sift. Shift. Lift.

Once a month, I send out a carefully curated newsletter.

  • Together, we sift through research and rhetoric to get to the root of an issue.
  • We check out art and artists (visual artists, filmmakers, playwrights, musicians and writers) whose work just might shift our awareness, biases, and assumptions.
  • Finally, we consider what we can do to lift up people and organizations striving to transform themselves and our world through compassionate action.

Want to check it out? Here is the most recent issue:

The Weekly Sift. Shift. Lift.

I can’t cover it all in The Monthly so I had to create The Weekly, a bite-sized email with just three links highlighting the responses of an academic (or journalist), an artist, and an activist (or grassroots organization) to one of the many wicked problems facing us today.

For the first issue of The Weekly, I looked at Indigenous food sovereignty. Next up? Conversion therapy.

Sifting, shifting, and lifting with . . .

Photo of Kelly McCartney by Stacie Huckeba

On August 1, 2021, I launched a new weekly profile featuring clever, curious, compassionate folx who are digging deep, making changes, and lifting up others.

Read the inaugural issue, where Kelly McCartney (broadcaster, journalist, playwright, and organizer) answers my three favourite questions.

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