Sometimes, I write sermons or homilies. You can listen to a couple here:

  • Building Bridges, First Unitarian Church of Victoria, July 28, 2019
  • On Prayer, First Unitarian Church of Victoria, July 29, 2018

In past lives, I co-hosted and produced radio shows, and oversaw the marketing and resource development for a series of eclectic music festivals and industry conferences. Growing up in the 1970s, I desperately wanted to be a producer at K-Tel records. In that spirit, I offer you The Snow Angel, an ever-changing playlist inspired by — and inspiring — my novel-in-progress.

I am not the only writer who has made virtual mix tapes to accompany her novels. Check out these two by the brilliant novelist Tracy Chevalier:

Not to be left out, writers Lin Manuel Miranda and Sarah Selecky have shared the tracks they listen to when they need to “write their way out” (to paraphrase Miranda).

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